Superior shapes for selling, managing, and documenting network equipment

Imagine hundreds of network engineers and technicians creating thousands of rack diagrams… with YOUR products shown photo-realistically throughout the documents! Your brand recognition is being expanded by these professionals with no effort by your company other than making the icons/shapes available to them for free. That’s the marketing value and power of Visio network equipment shapes from Visimation. Users love them and they become your brand promoters by using them in drawings!

Many industry-leading network manufacturers rely on Visimation to create the Visio shapes they use to represent their system configurations. These shapes enable sales and engineering staff to produce professional level drawings with minimal training or drawing skills as users can drag-and-drop items, snap them together, and apply required notation and drawing formats with ease. The shapes we create can display either simple or life-like detail and by default support Visio 2003 through 2016 on operating systems that run Visio. With Visimation, your organization owns and retains all rights to distribute these shapes without the need for renewal or subscription fees. As part of our development services, Visimation also includes free hosting and distribution of your Visio stencils on our companion site ShapeSource provides robust searching and previewing features for a superior user experience when compared to simple file download sites.

Example: Juniper Networks
The example below is a Juniper Networks device drawn at a high-level of detail. While this example is quite realistic, not all shapes require this much detail. Visimation can advise you on what is most appropriate for your project.

Juniper Networks IC 6000 Infranet Controller

Front view photo

Front view Visio

Rear view photo

Rear view Visio

Our Custom Network Equipment Shapes include the following features:

  • Data applied to shapes (custom properties or shape data)
  • Text labels
  • Hover text on stencils and dropped shapes
  • Connection points
  • Rules to insure proper placement of multiple shapes that fit together
  • Combination shapes (one master shape represents multiple items)
  • Hyperlinks to online reference information
  • Smart sizing behavior
  • And much more…

Shape features: hover text on stencil, hover text on dropped shape, Hyperlink to online product information

Custom Design Rates
Shape development fees vary depending on the number of shapes, technical complexity, and degree of repetition. Please contact one of our representatives for further details.

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