Custom shapes
Smarter shapes to improve your business

Visimation develops top-quality custom Visio shapes that help organizations enhance productivity, save time and money, improve quality of work, and grow revenues. Our custom Visio shapes can be acquired for internal use and/or for customer distribution. While our shapes are definitely pretty, they are far more than pretty pictures. Our proprietary production tools apply intelligent behavior to shapes, making the represented reality much easier to visualize for our customers. Today, many leading manufacturers use shapes designed by Visimation for numerous business tasks, including:

  • design
  • configuration
  • process improvement
  • estimating
  • sales proposals
  • and more…

Custom vs. over-the-counter
If your goal is to obtain shapes that support general drawing tasks, we suggest a standard best-practices approach without tailoring shape specifications. If you envision needing more sophisticated or automated graphics tools, Visimation has the expertise to optimally design your shapes in a way that supports your business goals. In developing custom shapes, Visimation typically recommends an initial consulting engagement to identify these opportunities and determine whether a standard or tailored approach is most appropriate.


Stencils for planning cable raceways

Spectro-Link stencils

Custom Design Rates
Shape development fees vary depending on the number of shapes, technical complexity, and degree of repetition. Please contact one of our representatives for further details.

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