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Opportunities for improving productivity and operational efficiency with visual automation are abundant. Often, however, it is wise to introduce such tools in graduated or measured steps because of budget constraints, user acceptance, and design refinements that can only be defined over time. At Visimation, we address these concerns with a phased approach, consisting of the following steps:

1.Proof of concept – Visimation designs and develops the technical specifications with a limited set of features. Helpful in securing management approval and funding, this approach minimizes financial commitment while highlighting the project’s value.

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2. Visio shapes and stencils library – Visimation significantly improves your productivity by providing a comprehensive set of Visio symbols that enable workers to quickly assemble drawings with ease. Symbols are dragged from a stencil to the drawing page, connected, and configured as required without the need for more advanced automation programming.

Stencils NFPA

3. Visio templates – We provide flexible Visio templates, which are files that automatically set up a user’s drawing environment. A Visio template file can automate many tasks such as opening the appropriate stencils with symbols, setting the page size and drawing scale, providing a border and title block, launching other automation code, and more.

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4. Comprehensive automation program – When ready, Visimation can assist you in achieving maximum productivity with visual software. The goals, designs, and costs vary greatly. We will advise you on how to best meet your business goals while experiencing the highest possible returns on your software development investment.

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