Maximizing the power of visual tools

Microsoft Visio is the world’s leading diagramming software because it delivers dramatically improved productivity through graphics and database automation. However, most users and developers don’t completely understand the breadth and depth of Visio’s capabilities or how to make it perform optimally for specific tasks. That’s where we come in.

Description and Benefits

Influential business leaders and CEO’s such as Gary Crittenden believe that visual tools can be vital to the success of any business. Visimation’s focus on Visio development delivers outstanding value by helping you avoid costly trial and error. Our development consulting services enable you to deploy productive visual applications rapidly by significantly reducing your organization’s development learning curve. With Visimation, your internal resources will complete applications in less time, with more capabilities than anticipated, and at higher quality.

“I really appreciate your company as a service provider to help me through this project.Thank you again for all of the help that you have given us in Austin. My whole team is very appreciative.”

Mann Kavehkar

Development Manager GSSS (Global Sales, Services, and Supply Chain), Dell Computer

Interactive integration of Visio with relational databases is our specialty. We focus on the Microsoft Windows operating environment and have a broad range of other system skills. Our product development consulting expertise includes various Microsoft Visual Studio .NET programming languages, database interfaces, and metadata exchange between Visio and other applications.

CarrierVisimation employs industry standard practices, as well as our own software product development consulting standards, for coding (syntax, style and structure), documentation templates, and the construction of installation scripts. We continually build internal class libraries to optimize code re-use and reduce development time.

Visimation is committed to raising the industry standard for quality and service. Studies show that approximately 25% of commercial software projects are abandoned before completion. Of projects that are finished, 75% ship late or over budget with as many as 100 bugs per 1000 lines of code. Visimation delivers on time and on budget – every time. We build custom software on a solid foundation of code that has been tested and debugged in client solutions developed over the last 10 years.

Visimation Areas of Expertise

  • System architecture – Plan a solution and its integration with other systems
  • Use case development – Document the operation for each type of end-user task
  • Proper shape design – Create intelligent graphical objects to support design goals
  • Coding techniques – Choose the best development approaches
  • Code reviews – Review and comment on other developers’ code
  • Code libraries – Accelerate application deployment with pre-developed code
  • General methods and procedures – Understand and anticipate challenges and solutions
  • Partial or full application development – Deliver a partial or complete application
  • Phased implementation – Plan for graduated and phased introduction of visual tools
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