Custom software application development

Optimizing results through visual automation

When proper tools do not exist or existing tools are insufficient, Visimation specializes in custom software application development for organizations that employ diagrams to serve business and technical functions specific to their industry or work environments. For the visual aspects of our solutions, we utilize several graphics platforms that include:

  • Microsoft Visio – For graphics development, drawing and diagramming
  • Adobe Acrobat – For automated generation of PDF files from Visio data

The degree of business process automation that Visimation provides varies greatly, as do the associated costs. We will deliver as many features and capabilities as possible to fit within your budget. Initial development costs are higher for sophisticated business process automation; however, the savings in engineering and sales resources typically justify the investment by enabling these resources to focus on revenue generating activities. Custom application tasks include but are not limited to the following:

“Visimation has earned an unique reputation for Visio Solution Integration to help our customers develop Visio based solutions. The Microsoft Redmond team often uses Visimation as an extension of product development. I am confident in Visimation’s commitment, quality and customer support.”

Kelly Kerr

Visio Solutions Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

Required documentation

  • Government mandated
  • Quality management and improvement
  • Security plans


  • Marketing materials to customers
  • Estimates, bids, proposals
  • Business presentations

Process management

  • Business process management and improvement
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Transactional processes

Product and system design

  • Computing
  • Hydraulics
  • Network equipment
  • HVAC controls and air handling
  • Furniture assemblies
  • Medical equipment


  • Wiring
  • Utilities
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