Configuration for Anthro Furniture Sales Proposals

Anthro saves time and money with Visimation application

Anthro Technology Furniture, a leading manufacturer of modular computer and office furniture, wanted to simplify and refine the process they used to design cart and workstation configurations for customers as the current process was taking too much time. They needed a way to quickly submit professional looking drawings and proposals specific to customer requests.

The solution built by Visimation automates the creation of proposal drawings for furniture assemblies. The Visio application includes a custom template containing a user interface, custom Visio stencils, and intelligent Visio shapes representing the modular furniture and associated parts. So when a sales person defines a customized cart, for example, they simply select the product line, the type of caster, the width and height of the cart, and the finish of the cart’s surface.

Anthro Furniture Sale

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Shapes placed on the drawing page are subject to certain rules that enforce size, scale, and dependencies as well as how the parts fit together. The user interface enables the salesperson to quickly select, drag, and drop the accessories requested by the customer. The system automatically produces elevation and plan views plus a parts summary. With Visimation’s help, Anthro sales people provide their customers with accurate drawings in minutes, saving time, improving customer service, and reducing lost sales due to slow response.

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