British Petroleum

Enhanced Facility Design and Development for the Oil and Gas Industry

Increasing production due to dynamically changing demand can be challenging and difficult to manage. A site planning tool was designed by Visimation with industry engineers to help expedite the facility development process by consolidating standards, design, and site specific information into one productive software package. An input screen with preloaded site data and options allows the user to enter and document: well location, work order number, and site specifics (i.e. existing conditions, interferences, process type, etc.).

Stencils are used to place and arrange equipment, piping, valves, instruments, and safety related shapes and information into a site plan. The shapes are customized with setback, tag, sizing, manufacturer, and other design and reference information. The user can generate and print a scaled site plan and information sheet for personnel to reference during site planning and construction.


  • Data input and site plan generation that is faster and more accurate than manual methods
  • Quick and easy modifications to existing sites
  • Visually legible symbols and text that help eliminate mistakes due to unclear data representation
  • Improved access and distribution of newly updated information to remote users via digital data
  • Elimination of an intermediate, expensive CAD process
  • Quick printout delivery for field personnel, land owners, or regulatory agencies to reference
  • Reduction of expensive repeat site visits to recover data that is available on a scaled drawing
  • Reduced time used to track information due to consolidated data storage
PlanR Edit Well Info Screen

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PlanR site drawing

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