Visimation has been solving unusual and challenging problems with visual automation since 1997. We appreciate the confidence that many companies have shown in our ability to create solutions when none currently exist. Any ongoing task that involves graphics is an ideal candidate for visual automation, particularly in the following industries:

“VisiClone is a great tool — I can’t imagine life without it!”

Heidi Leury

Publisher, Weatherford Canada

The largest category of Visimation clients are manufacturing companies. Those that manufacture products assembled into systems are especially good candidates for Visio’s drag-and-drop, snap and glue interface. The most common uses for our shapes and applications include:

  • Sales proposals and estimating
  • Engineering designs
  • Product configurations
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Schematic assemblies
  • Business process management and improvement
  • Network documentation
  • IT system designs
  • Facilities management
  • Software designs
  • Code generation from visual designs
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