New Visimation QuotePix Release Supports Cable and Wire Drawings

Issaquah, WA USA — July 1, 2009 — Today Visimation Inc. releases cable and wiring template for it’s QuotePix Microsoft Visio add-on.

Visimation Inc. released an update to its QuotePix add-on for Microsoft Visio that generates bill of materials and estimates from Visio drawings. The new Cable and Wiring Template enables QuotePix users to design floor plans with wiring layouts, assign data to the wires, and calculate lengths including vertical runs. The new template also includes special shapes for schematic wiring diagrams and electrical connections to devices such as system controls.

“We received many inquiries about Visio for wiring and we developed the Cable and Wiring Template to support those users,” says Brett Newman, President of Visimation. “With QuotePix and this new template Visio dynamically tracks the lengths of wires in a design and produces a nicely formatted report in Excel for inclusion in proposals and submittals.”

QuotePix in conjunction with Visio will dynamically count and display lists of items in drawings. At a fraction of the cost of traditional CAD systems, Visio produces presentation quality drawings that comply with industry technical standards for graphics and notations. Visio is widely used by systems integration companies for designing system assemblies such as networks, controls, security, and more. Visio is especially well suited for these kinds of projects with its simple user interface and ability to snap pre-made symbols together from stencil libraries.

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Visimation is a quality provider of visual software solutions that help organizations improve productivity, enhance communications, and grow revenue. The company focuses on Microsoft® Visio® as a platform for developing powerful and dynamic visual programs that make it possible to conceptualize and interact with critical data. Founded in 1997, Visimation has attained industry-wide recognition for their ability to solve complex business and technical problems through the integration of Microsoft Visio, Office, and databases with enterprise systems. Its clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to government agencies as well as a variety of smaller businesses, located throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Visimation is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington near Seattle with an office in Northern California. For more information please visit

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