About Us

In 1997, Visimation Inc. opened its doors to create a center of expertise for Visio custom content and application work. The name “Visimation” is derived from the words “visual” and “automation” because our vision was and is to automate the interaction of technical data with drawings. Our mission is to:

Provide visual tools to save our clients’ time and money while reducing errors related to design, presentation, sales,
engineering, delivery, installation, and documentation of their products and services.

Visimation has been in continuous operation through economic booms and busts while building an impressive portfolio of Fortune 1000 clients as well as smaller companies. In fact, Visimation has outlasted many of our clients that have been acquired by other companies with many of those acquiring entities becoming Visimation clients themselves.

Visimation Inc.’s corporate location is in Sammamish, WA, a suburb on the east side of Seattle. After launching as a “garage” startup, we occupied office space from 1999 through 2008. In 2009 we changed our operating model to allow our staff to work from home offices and moved the company entirely out of a central office. There were several reasons for this change:

  • Over time, our developers determined that they were more productive at their homes so our corporate space was becoming underutilized.
  • We were able to adopt a technology infrastructure that completely supported our development teams to work remotely through a central IT server, virtual phone system, and web conferencing. We augmented this with weekly in-person meetings at third party locations.
  • The 12 student classroom where we hosted Visio training for end users and developers had also become underutilized. Visimation’s core competency is in custom development services; without being a “training company” we found it challenging to schedule and structure our classes with enough students to justify the program.
  • We were transitioning our advanced training to customer sites when needed. Most companies prefer that we simply do the work for them because we can be so much more efficient than if they attempted it themselves. We now offer only specialized training for clients on the custom applications we develop for them.
  • In 2008 the Great Recession began and we needed to adapt to remain viable. By drastically reducing our overhead we were able to reduce our fees and maintain them unchanged for 6 years.

Our current staff consists of 2 operational roles plus 8 developers, each with many years of Visio experience through careers at Visio Corporation, Microsoft, Visimation, and other companies where Visio was a core business application.

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