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Visimation offers the industry's most effective and comprehensive Microsoft Visio training for both end-users and developers. Although we are not a "training" company, our training courses have been developed in response to client requests as we are in a unique position to provide "in the trenches" Visio experience. Courses are tailored to meet your specific needs and may be conducted either at your site or in our training facility near Seattle, Washington for your convenience.

Visio Training Highlights:
  • Participants gain first hand knowledge of Visio best practices, tips and tricks
  • Visimation's training curriculum is the result of years of research and experience
  • Our highly skilled Visio instructors do not read from scripts, they speak from experience
  • Courses are customized to accommodate the needs of the group
"I want to let you know that my experience during the training program has Been very positive. I now realize the power in the Visio tool. I wish to congratulate you on providing an excellent training program in a very congenial environment in the beautiful city of Issaquah."
- Srikanth Chandadai, Danlaw, Farmington Hills, MI

"I would like to thank Visimation for coming to our site to deliver two days of Visio Super User training. Your instructor did a wonderful job introducing Visio features and many tips. She also showed us a few things beyond the course outline yet very interesting to us, such as database connectivity and Visio 2007 features. Thanks again for a wonderful class!"
- Allen Yang, Raritan Computer, Somerset, NJ

"Very informative course! Good instructors. I now feel really comfortable using Visio effectively and efficiently to do my job."
- Stern Goulby, NASA

"Overall Excellent and Very Informative - Great Instructors"
- Asato, Boeing

"Most knowledgeable presenter I've encountered in any software training class."
- Rich Pullen, Naval Surface Warfare Center

"This Class was excellent. Great knowledge of material and more importantly, clearly conveyed."
- Nestor Cammino, Invensys Foxboro

"The Visimation trainer did a wonderful job introducing Visio features and many tips, also showed us a few things beyond the course outline yet very interesting to us. Thanks for a wonderful job!"
- A.Y., Raritan Computer

"This (Visio Developer) course far exceeded my expectations. The class provided all of the tools that I will need to get my project started... thank you."
- M.R., Lehman Brothers

"Nice setting! Time well spent. Great manual... I know it will prove valuable in the future."
- B.B,

"Beyond expectations... outstanding."
- S.T., Bank of America

Onsite Training
The minimum class size requirement is six for training onsite at a client location. There is no maximum class size, within reason, as long as you have the equipment and classroom to support the students. We can provide a second instructor for a large class, with no more than two students per workstation; however, one student per workstation is much more effective.

Class Schedule
Classes typically begin at 8:30 AM and run until 5:00 PM with a 1-hour lunch break from 12:00 - 1:00 PM. We can adjust the schedule to meet the needs of your company and students.

Class content is assembled based on subject demand as it relates to the use of Visio (i.e. flowcharting, network diagramming, technical drawing). However, since interests vary among students, it may be worth your while to arrange for your company to send six or more students of similar interests so that we can dedicate the class to your particular purpose.

Materials for each class are included in your tuition fee, consisting of a 300 page student guide and a CD with files to be used with guide exercises. These materials also function well as a self-study tutorial. See our tuition schedule for fees. Additional guides are available for $100 each.

To enroll, call Liz Louie at 425-369-6000 x705. Please be prepared to tell us your preferred class date. See our tuition schedule for fees. Note, Visimation accepts the following payment methods:

  • By phone with credit card
  • Check
  • Corporate Purchase Order

Training Support by the Hour
Visimation offers training and consulting billable by the hour to address specific tasks or Visio features. A session with one of our Visio experts by phone and live Web meeting will give you a boost that can make a dramatic difference in your productivity and effectiveness.  Call Liz Louie 425-369-6000 x705  to discuss fees, scheduling, and the issue you'd like help with.


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