Shape design

"The Visio stencils have been a big hit! Our people want to use them right away for training and presentations. Thanks again for all your hard work, these are a real value add!"
- Mark Honer, Xsigo Systems,
Sunnyvale, CA

Visimation's online store,, is the best place to find pre-made Visio shapes and stencil sets. While some shapes are available through purchase, others are distributed for free. Each shape listed is produced by Visimation and its developer partners and services a broad range of uses and drawing types. ShapeSource also supplies Visio add-on programs that extend the features of Visio and provide drawing automation for specific work tasks.

Need more shapes?
To further support the goals of our customers, Visimation develops custom shapes and network shapes when our readily available shapes do not fulfill the specific business requirements at hand.

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