Visio End User Course material
Visio 1 and 2 Day Class Materials - $100

Visimation created this material to fill the need for a clear, concise, and thorough training manual for Microsoft Visio. It is designed to teach users how to be "Super Users" of Visio, one of the most empowering and sophisticated graphics applications on the market. As corporations and individual users have come to realize Visio's potentials and adopt Visio as their standard graphics application, there has been an increasing demand for a good end-user reference and training manual. The Super User Training Manual is a reproduction of the materials that we use to teach Visio. It is designed to turn a novice into an advanced Visio user. However, it does not address Visio shape or automation development as those topics are covered in our Visio Developer Training Course.

Our Super Users book is an effective training manual that contains such components as clear graphics, step-by-step exercises, review sections, and self-quizzes. It provides a strong foundation in both the operating basics of Visio as well as more complex tools and features. The material represents the combined experience of Visimation professionals who focus on extending the capability of Microsoft Visio products, including Visio Standard, Professional, Technical and Enterprise.

Book components: The book comes with a CD containing lesson exercises, a copy of our Visio 2003 shortcut-key card mouse pad, and evaluation copies of our VisiTools software.

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