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Our developer courses are for programmers who need to create custom Visio applications, and encapsulates our technical experience with Visio.

Visimation offers the following Visio Developer training:

Microsoft Visio Developer 2-Day - $800 per student
Have you ever wanted to create your own shapes in Visio, but aren’t sure how to get started?  You already have all of the tools you need to get started because they are included with Visio.  The essence of shape development is understanding and using the ShapeSheet to define and control shape behaviors.  This two day class on how to create custom shapes will introduce the following topics:
  • Create your own masters, stencils, and templates.
  • Understanding the ShapeSheet environment
  • Control shape geometry
  • Control shape text – size, position, behavior, and text fields
  • Control shape size and position
  • Add shape control handles
  • Protect your shapes from unwanted user actions
  • Add your own Shape Data fields
  • Add right mouse actions and hyperlinks
  • Create well behaved grouped shapes
  • Create custom patterns

Microsoft Visio Developer 3-Day - $1200 per student
Want to learn the basics of Visio programming? This course is appropriate for developers using any version of Visio and programmers experienced with development environments. This class focuses on:
  • Visio ShapeSheet and SmartShape Design - Design and creation of SmartShapes with an emphasis on ShapeSheet programming techniques. Covers geometry building, controlling shape appearance and behavior, adding actions that automatically execute, menu customization, more.
  • Programming and Automation - Use the Visio Object Model to manipulate objects within the Visio drawing environment. This is fundamental to automating the creation of Visio diagrams and extracting information from existing drawings. The classroom will use VBA, but the lessons learned are easily applied to other development environments such as Visual Studio .NET (VB, C#), Visual Studio (VB, C++), Visual Basic for Applications, and ActiveX. Covers the development of external programs that communicate with Visio geometry. Teaches the use of Visio to graphically display database information, and Visio as a graphical interface to manipulate the external database.

Microsoft Visio Developer 4-Day - $1600 per student
Learn the basics of Visio programming and go into more depth exploring Visio Automation. This course is appropriate for developers using any version of Visio and programmers experienced with development environments. This class includes the material from the 3-Day course and adds the following:
  • Visio ShapeSheet and SmartShape Design - Learn the techniques of creating 1-D shapes, fundamentals of scaled drawings and creating shapes that work in drawings of various scales. Link Visio drawings (via the Database Wizard) to external databases such as Microsoft Access.
  • Programming and Automation - More in depth exploration of the Visio Object model, customizing Visio's user interface and advanced event management.

Microsoft Visio Developer 5-Day -$2000 per student
Are you developing your own Visio application and need help making decision about how to architect your solution? This class is right for you! This course is appropriate for developer using any version of Visio and programmers experienced with development environments. This class builds on the material from the 4-day course and adds the following:
  • Visio Architecture - Time will be spent discussing the pro's and cons of various programming methods such as Com Addin and the Visio ActiveX Control. We will also spend time reviewing your application or Visio shapes to help to make recommendations on best practices and methods.
  • User Interface - Designing and developing custom UI elements such as menus and toolbars and also how to modify the existing Visio UI elements.

Prerequisites for all developer courses include: Super User or expert Visio skills; experience with development environments

Visio Developer Training Materials: Included

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