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VisiHelpers is a comprehensive, documented Microsoft Visio library of relevant coding routines that are developed and continually updated by Visimation. Visimation's use of VisiHelpers, along with our deep knowledge of Microsoft Visio and Visual Studio, enables us to produce custom applications in one-quarter to one-third the time it normally takes good general programmers to produce the same application. In addition, VisiHelpers ensures that many aspects of your application contain code proven and tested by Visimation in solutions developed over the last 10 years.

An unrestricted license for VisiHelpers is packaged with our complete Microsoft Visio library, the custom code and solutions for our clients as well as with development support services. It can also be licensed on an "as needed" basis to assist with building your own applications.

VisiHelpers Code Sample
VisiHelpers is a C# assembly for the .NET 1.1 and higher development environments. For VB6/COM development environments, Visimation offers a similar library called VisiCOM32. Below is a screen from the VisiHelpers documentation Help file, showing a small subset of the content. It uses VisiHelpers' AddonWindowWrapper class to encapsulate the work of creating an addon window that is docked in the Visio application window.

// create a new form instance
m_propertyViewerForm = new PropertyViewerForm();

// create a new instance of the AddonWindowWrapper class
m_windowWrapper = new Visimation.VisiHelpers.AddonWindowWrapper();

// set up a delegate to tell us when this window is closed
m_windowWrapper.Terminate += new Visimation.VisiHelpers.AddonWindowWrapper.TerminateDelegate(m_WindowWrapper_Terminate);

// set the new instance of our form to the FormToShow property of the AddonWindowWrapper class
m_windowWrapper.FormToShow = m_propertyViewerForm;

// show the new instance of our form as a Docked Stencil Window and set window state flags
Visio.Window visioAddonWindow = m_windowWrapper.ShowWindowAsDockedStencil(VisioWindow);
m_windowWrapper.WindowState = Visio.VisWindowStates.visWSDockedBottom;

// set the caption that is used for the new addon window
m_windowWrapper.WindowCaption = m_propertyViewerForm.Text;

The following screen shows the relevant excerpt from the VisiHelpers Help file:

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