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Visimation provides solutions for every kind of business problem that requires or benefits from diagramming software. We focus primarily on Microsoft Visio as the best way to implement visual tools for your end-users and customers. Our deep and extensive Visio expertise enables you to obtain the most value from Visio's capabilities. By offering better ways of producing and integrating visual diagramming software into business and technical processes, Visimation helps you to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance communications
  • Streamline product design
  • Support sales activities
  • Deliver better customer service
  • ...and more

Draw on our expertise to help your team with Visio best practices, advice for end-users and developers, strategic planning, and more. Our certified consultants will tailor a program to fit your development schedule, available resources, and budget.

When Visio does not inherently provide the graphics and automation features required for specific tasks, Visimation develops custom automation programs that transform Visio from a general drawing program into a powerful productivity tool.

Visio SmartShape symbols are the drawing objects that users view and interact with. Proper shape design delivers more value from Visio and lays the foundation for future automation programs. In many cases, all you need to start optimizing your use of Visio is a good set of shapes.

Visimation provides diagramming software training for end-users and application developers. Our trainers are Visio consultants that are experts in revealing the techniques, methods, and secrets to creating better diagrams and Visio applications in less time. We deliver training at our own facility or at your site in sessions varying from 1 to 5 days depending on the topics being covered and the depth of detail you prefer.

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