Flexible consulting options that anticipate your needs

Visimation offers a full-range of consulting services to satisfy your project requirements, budget, and time constraints. Whether you utilize our services in an ad-hoc capacity to supplement internal development skills or engage us in a full development agreement, our goal is to help you meet your business objectives.

Standard practices include:

Introductions - Visimation is pleased to host introductory phone calls and Web meetings to discuss our capabilities, experience, and track record, as well as the immediate and long-term challenges your organization faces. Once you are satisfied that our skills are a good fit, we propose a consulting engagement to further define the project scope.

Limited Engagements - Unlike other custom software developers that won't begin a project until a detailed specification has been completed - a process that takes weeks or months of billable activity to produce - Visimation encourages limited consulting engagements. Proven less costly and just as effective, we rely on our vast experience to provide the design detail needed to generate accurate budgetary estimates.

Project Scoping - During the initial stages of design, Visimation schedules a day or more of meetings onsite with key project contributors and stakeholders. Upon determining your technical requirements, including user scenarios, inputs, outputs, and integration with other systems, we propose a solution that satisfies your business objectives. For more information on the nature of these sessions, please view our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Deliverables - At the end of a formal consulting engagement, Visimation typically supplies a design document that provides enough detail from which to derive a reasonable project scope and budget estimate. Should you elect for Visimation to produce a software application, we will develop a full and detailed functional specification at the beginning of the project.

Budgetary Estimates - Based on the deliverable, Visimation produces a detailed estimate of tasks and associated fees for producing the work, be it a partial or complete automation application. The cost of this effort is entirely born by Visimation. The estimate will include a line item for developing the detailed functional specification.

Application Development - Once the development project is approved, Visimation produces the software in cooperation with your internal IT staff and/or development resources. We host a project kickoff meeting to review the initial design document, schedule project milestones, and establish general processes and procedures. Following the kickoff session, we begin application development based on the plan established during the kickoff session.

Testing - Visimation minimizes the cost of application testing by assigning most of the testing tasks to you since you know your requirements best. Should you be limited by time and resources to complete this function, Visimation offers full testing services for an additional fee.

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