Systems that deliver superior customer service

Visimation utilizes several advanced systems to provide you with additional value and superb customer service. These systems include:

Web based conferencing - Remote Web meetings reduce travel expenses while still enabling visual reviews of project status.

Phone conferencing - Our Web meeting system includes multi-point phone conferencing.

Advanced phone management system - Our IP based office phone system enables communications between Visimation and client staff at our offices and at remote locations. All Visimation employees have message forwarding from their desk phones to their mobile phones when away from the office.

FTP file transfers - We establish dedicated FTP sites for each client to facilitate the exchange of data files, images, documents, drawings, etc.

TimeSheet - All employees track time in our Web-based TimeSheet program to ensure accurate time accounting for each project.

TestTrack - During the testing phases of a project, we provide you with Web access to our TestTrack incident reporting system, making it easy for you to login and record issues. We use TestTrack to manage bug reports, feature requests, and other data relevant to the operation of any custom application under development.

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