Development environment

Visimation's primary development environment consists of the following:

  • Microsoft Visio Desktop
    As a desktop product, Visio provides comprehensive features for drawing, formatting, linking to data, printing, and more. Visio also includes a very robust API (Application Programming Interface) that may be tailored in many ways, including:

    • Custom menus
    • Custom toolbars
    • Links to external data
    • Wizards
    • Dialogs
    • Much more...

  • Visio OCX (ActiveX Control)
    The Visio OCX enables developers to embed a Visio drawing surface inside other applications. Quite often, Visio OCX implementations look different from Visio on the desktop. With the OCX, Visio provides drawing features within a browser* or in the user interface of other programs. All of Visio's features are available for the programmer to expose to the user in this way depending on design requirements.
  • SVG (Scaled Vector Graphics)
    SVG is an open standard language for creating graphics. Sometimes an enterprise requires that its users have a drawing or diagramming surface in a Web browser without the need for installing a license for a product, like Visio, on every local workstation. In such cases, Visimation can build graphics capability similar to Visio, extending the custom Visio application to Web clients.
  • Other Graphics
    If required, Visimation will support data from other graphics systems and formats, such as CAD (.dwg, .dxf) and images (.jpg, .gif, .wmf, etc.).
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, InfoPath)
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Any other SQL or ODBC compliant enterprise database platform
  • Microsoft MapPoint
    Visimation integrates Visio diagrams with MapPoint as a "lite" GIS system. For example, a Visio schematic diagram may contain location data for objects, such as network nodes, that can be automatically displayed in MapPoint's geographical context.

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Word
  • XML
    Visimation makes extensive use of XML for exchanging data between Visio and other systems as well as for displaying data.

*The Visio OCX requires that a license of Visio be present on the workstation of all users. For example, if there is a Visio drawing component in a Web browser, it will operate only if the end-user has Visio installed on their computer.
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