Developer Support

Helping developers help themselves

Visimation offers first class support services to help corporate development teams and individual programmers with their Visio based applications. In this mode, we provide all of our listed consulting services on an ad-hoc hourly basis, tracking and reporting our time based on the maximum number of hours agreed upon by the client. Visimation bills only for hours used unless you prefer us to bill for pre-approved hours all at once for your Visio help. Whenever possible, we adjust our billing practices to meet your needs.

Development support is delivered in the following ways:

  • Email correspondence
  • Phone meetings
  • Online meetings
  • Site visits

Our support agreement includes:

  • Initial phone call(s) to evaluate and estimate your support needs
  • Dedicated secure FTP account for file transfer
  • Web-based meeting service
  • Visio Help-Tips & Tricks documentation
  • Visio shortcut mouse pad for quick reference to time-saving keystrokes

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