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Featured Solutions

Increase Productivity with Microsoft Visio Solutions

Siemens boosts productivity with Visio as its platform for product configuration and sales proposal generation.

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Visio News for End-Users

Visio 2003
Find out about Visio 2003, the top ten reasons to use Visio and sign up for the beta

Think Visio
View this interactive web presentation about the benefits of Visio for your organization.

Visio News for Developers...

Visio Managed Code Interop Tutorial
Move through the process and code of creating a Visio solution in Visual Basic.Net

Changes in the RUNADDON Function
The Visio center on MSDN has many great articles and resources like this one.

Tips and Tricks...

Create a Visio master shape of your company logo!

  • First, save your logo in an importable file format, like JPEG, BMP or WMF.
  • Import the logo into Visio. Go to the Insert > Select Picture menu item and click From File item. Browse to your file, select it and click Open. Your logo appears in the center of your page
  • From the File> Stencils menu click Open Stencil
  • Select the stencil that you want to add your logo to and click Open
  • Click the icon to the left of the stencil name (in the gray title bar area) and select Edit. A red asterisk indicates that the stencil is now editable.
  • Holding down your Control key, drag the logo onto the stencil. It will appear at the bottom of the list.
  • Click the text beside the logo and name it.
  • Right Click the stencil icon and select Save As. Make sure to save the stencil separate from the document.
  • To turn off Edit mode, click the icon beside the stencil name and select Edit.

Embed a Visio Viewer Control in a Web Page

With Visio Viewer 2002, you can embed a Visio Viewer control in a Web page by manually inserting the tags and parameters in the Web page's source code, or, in some cases, by inserting it through your application's user interface, as you can with Microsoft FrontPage®. Using either method, you embed a Visio Viewer control the same way you embed any other ActiveX control.

The Visio Viewer includes the sample file, Sample.htm, which is a Web page with an embedded Visio Viewer control and a reference to a Visio drawing. Sample.htm is located in the Visio Viewer folder (drive:\\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio Viewer). The following block of source code shows how to insert a Visio Viewer control and set parameters manually:

<object classid="clsid:279D6C9A-652E-4833-BEFC-312CA8887857"
  id="Viewer1" width="792" height="524">
<param name="BackColor" value="16777120">
<param name="AlertsEnabled" value="1">
<param name="ContextMenuEnabled" value="1">
<param name="GridVisible" value="1">
<param name="HighQualityRender" value="1">
<param name="PageColor" value="16777215">
<param name="PageVisible" value="1">
<param name="PropertyDialogEnabled" value="1">
<param name="ScrollbarsVisible" value="1">
<param name="ToolbarVisible" value="1">
<param name="SRC" value="sample1.vdx">
<param name="CurrentPageIndex" value="1">
<param name="Zoom" value="-1">
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