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Welcome to VisiNews, an ezine committed to informative topics and resources about Microsoft Visio, MapPoint, Project and Office. In this issue we are excited to anounce the release of PathViz 2.0, a drawing automation tool for scientists.

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Featured Solutions

PathViz 2.0 Released

Providing scientists with drawing automation for cellular signaling diagrams.

ShapeSuite for Biology

Over 500 Visio Biology Shapes. Don't waste time creating your own shapes, use ShapeSuite.

Visio News for End-Users

AutoCAD to Visio
Need some help converting AutoCAD to Visio. Here is a useful article. This site also features other informative Visio related articles..

Smart ClipArt download
Download a pack of "Smart" clip-art from Microsoft:

Right Tools For the Job
Want to maximize your investment in Visio? Get a free "Right Tools" toolkit from Microsoft's website:

Organizational Chart
Here's a good article on creating or revising your Org Chart:
Orgchart article...

Visio News for Developers...

Visual Studio.Net 2003
The Visual modeling tools have moved to Visual Studio.Net 2003.

Visio Developer Center at MSDN
The Visio center on MSDN has tons of great articles and resources.

Tips and Tricks...

Visio Integration with PowerPoint

In our Visio training courses people always want to know:
How can I create a Visio diagram inside my PowerPoint presentation?

Here's How!

In PowerPoint go to Insert > Object Choose the Create New option and seclect Microsoft Visio Drawing. Click OK

Visio opens with the Choose drawing type option. Decide if you would like to use the colour scheme from the PowerPoint presentation.

Click anywhere outside the Visio area to go back to PowerPoint.

Note: You can also insert a non-modifiable Visio drawing into PowerPoint by choosing Insert > Picture.

Working with ShapeSheet Formulas from VBA

When automating Visio, sometimes it is necessary to programatically set a formula in a shape's ShapeSheet . With some cells, like Width and Height, you can simply set the value like so:

myShape.Cells("Width").ResultIU = myValue

For other cells like Custom Properties and User Defined Cells, the above code will cause an error. That's because a typical formula in the ShapeSheet start with an equals sign ("="), so in order to set the value of the cell, you need to append the equals sign to the begining of your variable.

myShape.Cells("Prop.MyProperty").Formula = "=" & myString

So, don't forget the equals sign!

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