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"I know that any time I have Visimation working on a project, it will be delivered on time with high quality…and you’re flexible enough to take our input even at late stages of the work. We truly appreciate your work and will continue to work together in the foreseeable future."
- Sanjay Puri, Visio Partner Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA

Visimation produced a set of Visio templates for Microsoft covering a broad range of business and technical uses. Each template uses shapes that are standard in the Visio product, or custom shapes, that are provided with the template. Also included in each template is a Help page describing the template's use and features. No longer are end-users forced to start from scratch. With the templates designed by Visimation, Visio users have a head start.

Below are several template examples from the set.

Spider chart
Spider charts are commonly used by consultants to demonstrate how a client organization compares to its competitors in a given industry. The spider chart template provides a view of data comparing the client company's performance to that of its competitors', illustrating their strengths and weaknesses.
Channel brainstorming diagram
This template illustrates how to use the Brainstorm template from Visio 2003 to plan a channel strategy for a software product. It shows various markets targeted for the product and channel partners that can add value to the product in specific markets. The diagram helps the product or channel manager set priorities by showing which markets are considered most attractive and which potential partners have the strongest skills.
Intellectual property analysis
This template helps determine what kind of legal protection you need for trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
Event planner
The Event Planner template provides shapes to design the floor space at a conference, wedding reception, or other event. The template also contains chair assignment and inventory reports.
Office layout
This Office Layout template provides two pages of layout examples: the Office Layout, depicting one floor of an office, and the Detailed Work Area, depicting detail from one of the office areas in the office layout.
Office space analysis
The Office Space Analysis template provides a tool for facilities managers and space planners to show high-level views of building-space occupancy. The template uses the concepts of stacking and blocking to represent visually how much space is both used and unused in a particular building.
Crime scenes with shapes
This Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 crime scene template uses updated versions of the crime scene shapes that were available in icrosoft Visio 5.0 and Microsoft Visio 2000. The template provides a small site sample as well as small-sized, medium-sized, and large-sized site pages with reference points, text blocks, and scale symbols built in. Also included are many new shapes for creating Visio drawings to depict crime, accident, or incident scenes for courtroom presentations.
Medical office layout
Healthcare administrators can use the Medical Office Layout template to arrange their medical facilities, including exam rooms.
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