EMCOR Enclosures

EMCOR customers easily specify orders with versatile Visimation shapes

EMCOR wanted to provide its customers with accurate equipment documentation that easily specifies their products. Visimation accomplished this task by producing a library of intelligent Visio shapes for several EMCOR product lines that contain advanced behaviors to ease the installation planning process. For example, a cabinet that comes in a range of sizes is represented on the Visio stencil by a single master shape. The user simply selects the desired product number and size from a pull down menu located in the Shape Data dialog, displaying it in the diagram.

With many flexible configuration options, EMCOR's line of modular flat panel display consoles presented a complex assembly problem. To overcome this obstacle, Visimation created shapes that snap together at various angles with work surfaces and counter tops being resized by dragging an edge.

Cabinet size is chosen from list to show proper front view.
Flat panel console parts snap together to show plan view.
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