Partnering Opportunities

Creating products through strategic partnerships

"We have enjoyed working with Visimation the past few years and look forward to working together in the future. We have learned a lot about the development cycle of a project. In the end we have a wonderful product that is saving TAC time and money."
- Lonnie Caroon, Construction Manager – Energy Services, TAC, Dallas, TX

Visimation partners with companies throughout various industries to bring Visio-based products to market. By combining the core business intelligence of our partnering organizations with our extensive Visio expertise, we are able to develop Visio automation solutions that can then be sold to a specific target audience or the general public. We share the up-front financial risk and development costs as well as the profits and success. Following is a description of the types of partnerships we have found to be most effective:

Product Development Partnerships

You supply the industry expertise for solution design. We contribute the skills to transform your concept into a marketable product:

  • Design specifications
  • Visio, Visual Basic, XML, C++, and Java programming
  • Documentation and help files
  • Testing
  • Professional installation programs that enable your customers to effortlessly install your product

Joint Sales and Marketing Opportunities

You supply the industry marketing and sales activities (i.e. trade shows, seminars, etc.) while Visimation contributes:

  • Dedicated space for your product on our web site
  • Relationships with Microsoft product marketing
  • Product promotion through the Microsoft web site and corporate sales force
  • The means to sell the product directly from our commerce site via electronic software distribution

Sales Opportunities

rel="nofollow" - Visimation’s online store is the most popular online destination dedicated entirely to Visio users. In addition to selling our own products, Visimation partners with others to offer a broad range of Visio shapes, applications and add-ons. These products may be designed and developed entirely by partners or designed by partners and developed by Visimation

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