Management team

The Visimation management team represents over 100 cumulative years of experience with Visio and visual automation applications. Each senior staff member works directly with clients to define and architect Visimation services and solutions, then leads a development team to deliver the services and/or produce a software application. Our 15 member staff is highly proficient with Microsoft and open development technologies as well as Visio shape development.

Brett Newman - President/CEO and Co-Founder

Brett began his career as a professional architect in New York City, joining IBM in the mid-eighties to bring a state of the art computer aided design system to market. As a consultant in the graphics software industry, Brett worked for Visio, Autodesk, Accugraph, and IBM. Brett co-founded Visimation in 1997 with a vision to revolutionize the way people view their businesses through the creative use of visual automation. A registered Architect, Brett holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Professional Degree in Architecture from CCNY (City College of New York).

Gary Klapel, Senior Applications Consultant

Gary has over 20 years experience with CAD and graphics systems. With Ketiv Technologies, Gary worked on ArchT, an AutoCAD add-on for architecture, engineering, and construction uses. Gary moved to Visio Corporation with its acquisition of ArchT and then to Microsoft with its acquisition of Visio where he produced engineering solutions and other software components for the Visio product. Gary is highly renowned as one of the premier experts in the world on Visio shape development.

Fred Diggs, Project Manager

Fred has worked with graphics systems for over 20 years with Boeing, EDS, Visio, and Microsoft. At Visio Corporation, Fred was part of the consulting group that trained Visio developers and architected solutions for large Visio accounts. As Visimation’s lead Project Manager, Fred is responsible for developing content for Microsoft contracts. Fred holds degrees in Mathematics and Economics from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Computer Science from Washington State University, and a Master of Business Administration from Seattle University.

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